Diocese of Phoenix Marriage Policy: Covenant of Love

Marriage is of tremendous value to the Church, and how couples prepare for it and enter it is of utmost importance.  In the Diocese of Phoenix, we are taking preparation for this beautiful and life-giving Vocation very seriously.

Read the Diocesan policy for Marriages HERE.  


Orientation PowerPoint: Mike Phelan, MTS

This PowerPoint can be used by leaders to help explain the Covenant of Love basics to their teams.  Contains cultural statistics, local marriage realities, basic urgings of the Magisterium for stronger marriage preparation, and some info on programs, particularly "God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage."  (PowerPoint is in Microsoft 2007, which might be necessary to open the file.)

Download Here!

2018/2019 Diocesan STEP 3 AND STEP 4 Course Schedules

Step 3 DIOCESAN Life Skills Courses--Love for Life and Loving Anew Remarriage Seminar Weekends   2019 Schedule DOWNLOAD HERE 

Step 4 God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage Courses   January - June 2019 DOWNLOAD HERE July - December 2019 DOWNLOAD HERE (Updated June 2019 - More classes will continue to be added) 

SPANISH Step 4 El Plan de Dios Courses, go to www.alianzadeamorphx.org

Other STEP 3 Course Options (Approved, non-diocesan):

CATHOLIC ENGAGED ENCOUNTER—A weekend retreat experience offering English and Spanish weekend options- (with optional overnight stay-English only)

Location: Mt. Claret Retreat Center

Register on Website: http://arizonacee.org

  • Engaged Encounter Phoenix English Dates: http://arizonacee.org 


Paperwork Resources

1.  Prenuptial File Template--Updated for New Policy!  Places to add your own parish specifications!

2.  Affidavit of Free Status and Pre-Nuptial Inquiry Canonical Documents-- English AFS  English PNI  Spanish AFS  Spanish PNI

2.  Scholarship Request Form--For couples struggling to pay for classes, up to 50% schol. possible, parishes also expected to assist if possible, send in to MRL office.

3.  SPANISH God's Plan Mail-in Registration Form:  Please fill out completely and mail in with money order for $85.

Online Options

Step 4 Course Substitute--Catholic Marriage Prep Online--The "Online Pre-Cana" Course includes intro to Natural Family Planning: www.catholicmarriageprep.com

NFP Online: www.phxnfp.org